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COMPASS NYC - IACRL program mission is to empower its youth, in part by supporting those skills and lessons learned during regular school hours, and in part by supplementing those areas of development not regularly provided during the school day. Especially, we seek to engage our youth in interactive, project-based learning that utilizes new and existing educational models to stimulate interests, build self-esteem, and encourage self-reliance and independent thinking. Our education initiatives furthermore center on creating enjoyable activities within safe and nurturing environments, with a focus toward positive youth development.


  • Provide tools for youth empowerment and development

  • Provide enjoyable activities in safe, nurturing environments

  • Offer highly interactive, project-based initiatives

  • Foster independent thinking, self-reliance and self-esteem

  • Reinforce core values, skills, and lessons provided in school

  • Implement new and existing education models for best-learning outcomes

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Brownsville Recreation Center

(temporarily relocated to PS 41)

411 Thatford Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11212

Grades: K-5

P.S. 346

Abe Stark Elementary School

1400 Pennsylvania Ave., Room 111A

Brooklyn, NY 11236

Grades: K -5

M.S. 366

Science & Medicine Middle School

965 E 107th Street

Brooklyn, NY 11236

Grades: 6-8

Collegiate Academy for Mathematics and Personal Awareness (CAMPA)


1962 Linden Blvd.

Brooklyn, NY, 11207

Grades: 6-8

Brooklyn Urban

Garden  School (BUGS)

BUGS Logo.jpg

500 19th St

Brooklyn, NY, 11215

Grades: 6-8

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