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Brooklyn Urban Garden School

Ms. Kristie Velasco, Site Director

Tel: 718-280-9556


Located on 19th Street in Brooklyn, IACRL @ BUGS is one of our SONYC program sites that cater to children in grades 6-8. Under the direction of Ms. Velasco, these programs are dedicated to stimulating interest in education, building self esteem, and encouraging self-reliance and independent thinking. Based on the core principles of IACRL's mission, SONYC @ Brooklyn Urban Garden School exemplifies positive youth development. For more information please feel free to contact the site director.

Thank you to all the students who participated in the 2020 DYCD Film Festival and Congratulations to all those who were nominated and won!

(See below for a list of nominees and winners.)

Best Film Editing

Yes, We Have No Corona - Henry Nagy (Nominated)

Teleported - Kyla Miller (Nominated)

Best Cinematography

Dark Days of Quarantine - Shahin Apea-Khan (Nominated)

Best Screenplay

Yes, We Have No Corona - Ava Goldshteyn (Nominated)

Teleported - Kyla Miller (Nominated)

Best Directing

Quarantine Crazy - Kyla Miller (Nominated)

Best Female Actor

Yes, We Have No Corona - Ava Goldshteyn (Won)




Quarantine Crazy - Kyla Miller (Nominated)

The Audience Award - Quarantine Crazy - Kyla Miller (Won)

Watch the 2020 DYCD Film Festival

Ugly Sweater Party
Santa Hat Decorating
Ginger Bread House Contest
Selfie Station
Toy Drive
Maimonides Children's Hospital

The BUGS After-School Program held an Ugly Sweater Party which served as a toy drive for Maimonides Children's Hospital. This is one gesture of kindness that the students pledged to carryout for the school year through the Youth Service of America Campaign.

The event incorporated an ugly sweater and gift wrapping contest. Activities also included Santa Hat decorating, Gingerbread House, Selfie and Hot Chocolate stations. Fun was had by all but more importantly the hospital staff expressed great gratitude for our donations.

Ugly Sweater Party


For more information please feel free to contact:

Ms. Tina Pryor, Program Supervisor


Tel: 718-642-2180 x 4331


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