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COMPASS/SONYC Program Director

Job Type: SUMMER Full -Time Elementary Program & SCHOOL-YEAR Part-Time Elementary Program
Program Overview:

COMPASS NYC - IACRL program mission is to empower its youth, in part by supporting those skills and lessons learned during regular school hours, and in part by supplementing those areas of development not regularly provided during the school day. Especially, we seek to engage our youth in interactive, project-based learning that utilizes new and existing educational models to stimulate interests, build self-esteem, and encourage self-reliance and independent thinking. Our education initiatives furthermore center on creating enjoyable activities within safe and nurturing environments, with a focus toward positive youth development.


  • Provide tools for youth empowerment and development

  • Provide enjoyable activities in safe, nurturing environments

  • Offer highly interactive, project-based initiatives

  • Foster independent thinking, self-reliance and self-esteem

  • Reinforce core values, skills, and lessons provided in school

  • Implement new and existing education models for best-learning outcomes

Duties & Responsibilities:

Program Responsibilities

  1. Reports to Executive Director and Sr. Program Supervisor regarding the progress of students/staff

  2. Monitor the behavior of students in academic setting: work with program line staff to monitor classroom operations ROP, which relates to behavior modification techniques

  3. Maintain DYCD Online

  • Workscope

  • Participant Attendance

  • Rate of Participation

  • Meeting of required program goals

  • Maintain program, staff and participant files and attendance sheets

Staff Management

  • Provide opportunities for professional growth, training, and supervision of Teachers, Educational Specialists, and Instructors

  • Responsible for performance evaluations and staff development plans to insure the program maintains a high level of quality, to include staff meetings, policy and staff development

  • Maintain open communication lines among staff and participants to include program policy

  • Schedule/supervise staff and volunteers to ensure safe and competent delivery of services

Operations Management and Administration

  • Maintain on-site program office, to include supervision and management 

  • Interface and cultivate relations with professional and community partners

  • Submit weekly progress reports to COMPASS/SONYC Program Supervisor and Director of Operations each Monday

  • Must assist in ensuring the program facility is neat and clean

  • Must be creative and motivating to ensure all program goals are met 

  • As the COMPASS/SONYC Programs are not operating in IACRL owned facilities, staff must be flexible and ready to meet any changes and challenges that sharing a space might result in

  • At any time, alternate duties may be assigned to meet the needs of the program

  • Maintain a professional attitude and manner that reflects the high standards of the program you serve and represent

  • Communicates daily schedule, rules, problems, and concerns to affected individuals, including staff, parents and participants 

Program Development

  • Plan, coordinate and implement seasonal activities

  • Establish policies, procedures and safety guidelines for all activities

  • Coordinate necessary equipment and supply procurement, inventory and maintenance

  • All DYCD emails and requests should be responded to immediately or as requested

  • Attend necessary workshops, events and training seminars

  • Communicate policy and information to program staff

  • Copy Executive Director, Director of Operations, COMPASS/SONYC Sr. Program Supervisor on all email correspondence

Community Relations

  • Provide public representation and demonstrations, as needed. Prepares and distributes written materials, including flyers, promotional materials and postings announcements on the school bulletin board

  • Attend and/or present relevant community events, fairs and organizations

  • Cultivate and forge positive relations with principal, teachers, parents and parent coordinators and any key individual in the school community


  • BA/BS Degree in Education; MA Degree desired

  • Three to five years of experience, two of which should be in supervisory capacity in an educational program

  • Knowledge of working with children in age appropriate programming, DOH standards and DYCD expectations and guidelines

  • Knowledge of development and administration of youth programs

  • Current CPR/First Aid certifications. Excellent written and verbal communications skills

Note: All COMPASS/SONYC positions require Fingerprint, SCR and Medical clearances to work with children 

COVID-19 Vaccine required for all School Based staff

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