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Neighborhood Development Area (NDA) Programs

Opportunity Youth (OY): Supported Work Experience

The Opportunity Youth (OY): Supported Work Experience is an innovative program that engages low-income New York City young adults aged 16-24 who are disconnected from school and work through short-term paid worksites, placement into jobs, education or advanced training, and follow-up services. This program promotes the skills needed to succeed in today's marketplace.

OY is a 14-week program operated at the administrative office of the Italian American Civil Rights League. OY develops essential workforce skills through a combination of educational workshops, counseling, and short-term (10-12 week) paid worksites that offer structured work opportunities. Upon completion of the worksites, IACRL will provide nine months of follow-up services and help place participants in permanent jobs, training programs, or educational settings.

In order to participate in the Opportunity Youth: Supported Work Experience you must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Must be between the ages 16-24

  2. Must not be attending school

  3. Must not be working

  4. Must reside in the following zip codes: 11207, 11208 & 11239

If you are interested in the program or need more information, please email Yamilet Henry at or Diane Hopkins at

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NDA: High School Educational Support

The IACRL & Teachers Prep Educational Support (ES) after-school program is designed to assist students with a GPA of 75 or below. Our goal is, by the end of the program, to help our students increase their grade point average by 3 points or more. For those students who attend regularly, they will be eligible to receive class credits that will be applied to overall credits needed to graduate. We will also provide assistance to those students who need to pass a specific Regents (these students GPA does not have to be below 75). The ES after-school program is designed to service 31 students in the Brownsville area, we are allowed to fill seats of those participants who've met one of the goals listed above prior to the end of program.

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