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Who We Are


The Italian American Civil Rights League, Canarsie (IACRL), inc. is a New York City non-profit, non-sectarian community based organization. For over 45 years, IACRL offers a wide range of services to the community including, cultural enrichment; recreation programs; school based programs; social service referrals; leadership opportunities; educational and employment services for youths and adults. IACRL programs provide real and positive outlets for young people and adults that will increase their chance of success by participating in activities designed to improve their self-esteem and leadership skills. These programs are designed to increase employ-ability and encourage the pursuit of higher education. The IACRL has a proven record of successfully providing quality programming and services. We are proud to boast that all of our programmatic and fiscal evaluations are outstanding!

Mission Statement


The IACRL's purpose is to enhance the services of youth and families in the community to promote neighborhood harmony, stability​ and quality of life. We plan on continuing our mission to inspire people, young and old, to take action and help make their communities stronger for many years to come!

Our Legacy

Since 1974, IACRL has developed a proven ​track record of success by providing quality programming and services throughout the various communities we serve. We are proud to be an organization who has received acknowledgement in regards to our programmatic and fiscal management. IACRL was originally founded to fight discrimination against Italian Americans, but over the past four decades, we have evolved to become one of the most recognized agencies offering community based education and employment services in the East New York, Brownsville, Canarsie and surrounding areas.


Most notably, our Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP), which we have been offering since our inception, has serviced thousands of city youth and young adults, giving them invaluable real life working experiences. Today, we proudly continue this tradition of service to our communities by offering innovative programs fro individuals 14 to 24 years of age. In accordance with the diversity of our population, we have formed a partnership with NYC Brooklyn School for Career Development to address individuals with special needs. Over the years, the IACRL has given enjoyment and assistance throughout the communities we serve. We have given disadvantaged children toys from Santa, we offered inner city youth the experience of attending major sporting events and Broadway theatrical performances. We are highly recognized and respected by the community. We aim to enhance and improve and improve the quality of life for our communities by partnering with government agencies, educational institutions and corporate businesses.

Throughout our many years of providing extraordinary service, the IACRL offered a wide array of educational, recreational, workforce training, afterschool and  supportive services to thousands of community residents.  The Out of School Youth (OSY) provided youth ages 16-21 who were not attending school/not working with job training and a National Retail Federation Training Certificate along with paid on-the-job placement, along with GED/return to school referrals. The In School Youth Program (ISY) provided youth ages 16-21 who were attending school, afterschool educational training along with a paid on-the-job training. The Young Adult Internship Program (YAIP) provided young adults ages 16-21 with educational training along with supportive services, educational referrals, paid on-the-job placement,and unsubsidized job placement. The Fatherhood Program provided men aged 21 and up with supportive services, paid on-the-job placement and unsubsidized job placement. The Cornerstone Program at Louis Pink Houses and the Beacon Program at Bildersee JHS offered afterschool, summer and weekend educational and recreational activities for all ages. The Healthy Families Program offered the family unit with individual supportive services to ensure their well-being as a group. 


IACRL has touched so many lives in many different ways.  The one thing that is the same is our dedication and determination to offer the best possible help to all in need!  Many of our participants still to this day, come into our office to just say hello and tell us about their accomplishments, their new family members and to see a friendly face. 

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