Inspire.                  Attitude.                  Commitment.                  Respect.                  Leadership.
 Italian American Civil Rights League
Building on Our Legacy. Expanding on Our Excellence.
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Brownsville Recreation Center
1555 Linden Blvd.,Room: 208,  Brooklyn, NY 11212
Grades: K – 5 \ Days: Mon– Fri \ Hours: 2:25PM – 5:30PM
Ms. Laverious Foster, Site Director
P: 718.345.2706, ext.332 E: iacrllfoster@aol.com
M.S. 366/Science & Medicine Middle School
965 E 107th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11236 
Grades: 6 – 8 \ Days: Mon – Fri \ 2:25PM – 5:25PM 
Ms. Donielle Capers, Site Director
P: 718.688.6400 E: iacrldcapers@aol.com
P.S 346 Abe Stark Elementary School
1400 Pennsylvania Ave.,Room: 111A, Brooklyn, NY 11239
Grades: K – 5 \ Days: Mon – Fri \ Hours: 2:20 - 5:20PM
Ms. Kristin Smalls, Site Director 
P: 718.642.1500 E: iacrlksmalls@aol.com 
P.S/I.S 184
273 Newport St, Room 156, Brooklyn, NY 11212
Grades: 6 – 8 Days: \ Mon - Fri\ 2:45PM - 5:45PM
Ms. Nicole Williams, Site Director 
P: 718.495.7775, ext 1560 E:iacrlnwilliams@aol.com 
Administrative Offices
1460 Pennsylvania Ave., Suite 1B
Brooklyn, NY 11239
Since 1974, IACRL has developed a proven track record of success by providing quality programming and services throughout the various communities we serve. We are proud to be an organization who has received acknowledgment in regards to our programmatic and fiscal management. IACRL was originally founded to fight discrimination against Italian Americans, but over the past four decades, we have evolved to become one of the most recognized agencies offering community based education and employment services in the East New York, Brownsville, Canarsie and surrounding areas.  Read more>>> 
Phone: 718.642.2180
Fax: 718.642.2857
Auxiliary Aids/Services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. 
For any additional questions, please feel free to contact:
Ms.Tina Pryor
Program Supervisor

E: iacrlcpryor@aol.com / P: (718) 642-2180, ext. 4331
  • Provide tools for youth empowerment and development 
  • Provide enjoyable activities in safe, nurturing environments
  • Offer highly interactive, project-based initiatives
  • Foster independent thinking, self-reliance and self-esteem
  • Reinforce core values, skills, and lessons provided in school
  • Implement new and existing education models for best-learning outcomes

The core principles of IACRL’s mission is reflected in our acrony mic values, expressed below:
  •  Inspire.
  • Attitude
  • Commitment.
  • Respect.
  •  Leadership.
COMPASS NYC-IACRL program mission is to empower its youth, in part by supporting those skills and lessons learned during regular school hours, and in part by supplementing those areas of development not regularly provided during the school day. Especially, we seek to engage our youth in interactive, project-based learning that utilizes new and existing educational models to stimulate interest, build self-esteem, and encourage self-reliance and independent thinking. Our education initiatives furthermore center on creating enjoyable activities within safe and nurturing environments, with a focus toward positive youth development. 
Funding Partner:
Invictus Preparatory Charter School  
370 Fountain Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11236
Grades: 6-8 \Days: Mon-Fri\ 4:00-6:30pm   Wed:12:30-5:30pm
Ms. Valencia Kirnon, Site Director
P: 718.235.1682ext.3112    E: iacrlvkirnon@aol.com